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Prognosis server Time Zone Question

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Prognosis server Time Zone Question

Hello Team,


Our client asked us to change the time zone (Pacific – Central) for the prognosis server.

Hence, we would like to know if there is any impact on Prognosis application/operations now if we did this. 





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Community Manager

Re: Prognosis server Time Zone Question

Hello Venkatesh,


All the Prognosis log entries will use the server time without consideration for the Time Zone settings of the server, so some logs will have a 2 hour overlap, but no other issue with this item.


Data recorded by interval and stored in a Prognosis Database Collection will have a 2 hour overlap. Reports for intervals including when the server time is changed will have an overlap of 2 hours. Availability data is a good example of such a Database Collection. The report will look unusual, but no impact to other Prognosis functions for these items.


CDR data will likely receive the most noticeable impact.

- Avaya Communication Manager CDR will be impacted and can be adjusted in the AVAYA_PBX configuration as needed.

- CDRs from most other devices monitored by Prognosis typically are aware of UTC and the Prognosis user interface (Windows Client or Web UI) will adjust based on the UTC offset.


If any items need updating due to the time change, please open a Support for each issue seen.


Thank you,

Scott Baldwin