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Prognosis Support for BASE24-eps v3

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Prognosis Support for BASE24-eps v3

Prognosis v12.1 has introduced the support for Base24-eps v3.


Support for BASE24-eps v3

Support has been verified for BASE24-eps v3 for both transaction monitoring and ATM management across supported BASE24-eps platforms.

Note that multi-tenancy mode is not supported for ATM Management.   


Changes include

  • Support for 'Delete On Send' Real-Time Feed integration mode, also known as fire and forget mode.
  • This mode is configured in the Real-Time Feed configuration on the ACI side.
  • Where Business Insight and Transaction Surveillance rules are not in use, this mode is recommended for optimal performance.
  • Where Business Insight or Transaction Surveillance rules are in use, it is recommended to avoid the use of 'Delete On Send' mode, to help ensure no transactions are missed after an outage. 
  • No configuration is required on the IR side to enable 'Delete on Send'.
  • Support for entry-sequenced 16k record journal format on HPE NonStop.


Changed Deployment models

The changes for v3 have necessitated changes in the recommended deployment models for some scenarios:

  • On HPE NonStop:
    • When utilizing the new Key_Seq2 journal format on HPE NonStop, it is recommended that the Real-Time Feed be used for transaction monitoring. This new journal format is not supported by the onboard journal reader (irepstlr).
  • On AIX:
    • In prior releases, transaction monitoring for BASE24-eps was supported via an onboard journal reader (irepstlr). As of this release, transaction monitoring for BASE24-eps on AIX is only supported via the Real-Time Feed.


Deprecated Features

The changes for v3 have also necessitated the deprecation of some existing functionality:

  • On AIX, ATM Management is longer supported for BASE24-eps


The following summarizes the deployments supported in the current version:

  • Transaction Monitoring - Supported on HPE NonStop via onboard journal reader (except for Key_Seq2 journal format). All other platforms via Real-Time Feed (all journal formats)
  • ATM Monitoring - Supported on HPE NonStop via onboard reader
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