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Prognosis - High growing SQL Log's

Daniel Soto
05 Base Camper

Prognosis - High growing SQL Log's

Hi everyone

We got a Manager Node - Monitore Node Prognosis architecure, the monitoring node has a connection to a database (SQL microsoft) and we noticed that de Log file from SQL server is growing quickly from 89G to 249G aprox. in a few hour. (This server is exclusive for prognosis solution)

Do you know where we can start to review from Prognosis side o where to look for?



Re: Prognosis - High growing SQL Log's

Hi Daniel,

You may be able to track down relevant information on Microsoft Technet that describes ways to troubleshoot log file behaviour.
The following describes ways to manage the size of transaction log files and possible causes of rapid log file growth:

You can also enforce database log file size by accessing the database properties through MSSQL Management Studio, however limiting the transaction log file can affect the ability to restore from a backup and cause data loss. If that's not a concern for you, then reducing the 'Maximum File Size' may be the way to go.