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Prognosis Backup & Restore Commands

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Prognosis Backup & Restore Commands

Backup Procedure:
1. On the source node stop the prognosis service
2. Open an Administrator enabled command prompt on the c:\Prognosis\Backup_restore” location and run the command:
– Let it complete and it should output the folder to “C:\PrognosisBackup”
– Folder name will be something like “Backup-AAVM-W12-PROG10-2014-12-22T11.46.41”

Restore Procedure:
1. On the source node stop the prognosis service
2. Open an administrator enabled command prompt on the “C:\Prognosis\Backup_restore” folder and run the following command to restore the backup:

1. The restore process restore the latest backup in the “C:\PrognosisBackup” directory. If you want it to restore a specific one, make sure it is the only one in the directory.
2. Make an extra backup of this folder prior to any restore as the restore deletes the folder (Just zip it beforehand)
3. If you are moving server, this procedure can be used too. Just copy the backup in place and then use the restore procedure on the new server (Must be same version)
4. If you are installed on another drive than C, then the PrognosisBackup folder used will be on that same drive. I.e. D:\PrognosisBackup"

Important: This is for same version to same version backup and restores. If you need to backup from one version and then restore to another version, please log a support case with the specifics.
Community Manager

Re: Prognosis Backup & Restore Commands

Hi Adam,
About the backup from one version to another version. In the pass I did this:
Extract the Backup_restore from the new version (10.4) and copy to the old version (10.2) in the same path and then I do the backup and copy/restore on the new version 10.4.
Can this also be done with version 11.2 ?

11 Leader

Re: Prognosis Backup & Restore Commands

If you are going from 10.x to 11.x the step is still the same, but there are a couple extra files we need to ensure exist in that backup_restore directory first.
- This is to cope with the encryption changes between those versions

If you do that type of upgrade without getting the corrected folder from us, all your passwords will need retyping.
Just let me know if you ever plan on doing this type of backup/restore and what versions you are going to and from and I will ensure I get you the best "backup_restore" folder to use.