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05 Base Camper


Can you tell me what the PARTIFIL record is and if it's still available in Prognosis 11.5?  I have an installation being moved to a new server and one of the databases uses this record.  When moving to the new server I get a message saying the record is not found.  I can't find a reference to it when searching or in any of the manuals I've looked in.

Community Manager

Re: PARTIFIL record

Hello ChrisMiller,


Prognosis has many records built in, and the ability to add custom records. The custom records are typically part of a custom solution.


The PARTIFIL record does not appear in the list of built in records. This means the PARTIFIL record is likely a custom record.


Custom solutions (with the associated records) need to be installed separately from the Prognosis installation, typically by IR Professional Services.


The IR Account Manager should be able to provide information on the custom solutions installed in the environment. If additional review of the environment is needed beyond what the Account Manager can provide, please open a support case for additional review.


Thank you,

Scott Baldwin