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NonStop OSS (jar and log file monitoring)

05 Base Camper

NonStop OSS (jar and log file monitoring)



I have a questions about OSS part on NonStop server.

I got two demands from our users:


  1. How to monitor (check) if a OSS process is started from JAVA jar file?


For example, we have started the following process:


/home/dev1/jetty silci: ps -Af | grep start.jar

DEVL.MANAGER       402653187          1 - ?        Sep 09         04:16 /usr/tandem/java/bin/java -Djetty.home=/home/dev1/jetty -Dje

tty.base=/home/dev1/jetty -jar /home/dev1/jetty/start.jar jetty.state=/home/dev1/jetty/jetty.state jetty-started.xml


We would like to check:

  • if the process is started
  • and it should be only one process started


I know that I can add OSSOBJECT definition in the  UPDOWN configuration, but I can only add a "/usr/tandem/java/bin/java" object itself, but not the "/home/dev1/jetty/start.jar" file.

So my question is, how to monitor java processes that are started from specific jar file?



  1. How to monitor some OSS log file for errors and/or warnings (specific words in it)?


Under OSS there is a log file and we would like to raise an alarm (with threshold?), if there is a specific word in a log record, for example "error" or "warning" or anything else we need to search for.


Here is an example of a record in the log file:

2019-09-09 15:09:27,642 INFO [PIN_check] 2019-09-09 15:09:27_PIN_check_000046209 - JSON response for BWS: {"Status": "NotOK","BWS_ID": "B240202","BWS_description": "System error.","Bkr_ID": "Bkr0207","Bkr_description": "Metoda_cnt: PIN_check_000046209 - Error HSM - ServerListening timeout: povezave do HSM-ja ne moremo vzpostaviti."}
2019-09-09 15:09:37,140 INFO [PIN_check] 2019-09-09 15:09:37_PIN_check_000046210 PRM sekcija - START


Please advise and help!




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Community Manager

Re: NonStop OSS (jar and log file monitoring)



Firstly here's a online help article about how Prognosis records relate with OSS on NonStop (these require the OSS Performance Monitor license).

Prognosis for Infrastructure > Prognosis for HP NonStop > OSS Performance Monitor > Data Collection


Have you tried the NonStopJob (JOBS) record for monitoring those OSS processes? There are also OSSPID and other OSS relevant fields in that and other records.


As for the log file, I believe Prognosis would need to be customised to read it in and with a user defined record to read it into. There is an example extractor log reader config,  in the EXTRACTOR configuration


that may be able to be copied from and built on to shortcut some of the work required to create a log extractor for the OSS log files. There are other log extractor examples in online help

More about log extractors in Online Help here.

Prognosis for Infrastructure > Prognosis for HP NonStop > Application Development Interface > File E...


This would take some work to put together and test. Note that IR Professional Services can also assist you in creating such a log reader solution for a fee as a paid scope of work.




05 Base Camper

Re: NonStop OSS (jar and log file monitoring)

Hi Gerald,


thank you for a quick reply!


ad1 )

If we had a license for OSS Performance Monitor, than we can monitor OSS JAVA processes by command line arguments (wich jar is included)?


ad2) who should I contact fo further information about IR Professional Service?