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Network configuration - Seperatate Production from DEV

05 Base Camper

Network configuration - Seperatate Production from DEV

Audit does not want Production and Test to comunicate via Prognosis. At this point the NETWORK config is really default. No allow or disallow being used!

If I want to disallow a user which logon from a DEV server via thick client not to be able to see the Prduction nodes do I add the following to Network config. Does Prognosis need to be restarted  after change?

on DEV server

DISALLOW Connection (,All) - = production node that do not want to see!

do I need to add



Do I then need to add allow for the once I want to allow?



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Re: Network configuration - Seperatate Production from DEV

Hi Jay,


In this case the only change is to add the following statement into the Production server's NETWORK configuration and start it:

DISALLOW CONNECTION ( <Dev server's IP address>, ALL) 


No need to make changes on the Dev server end, or restart Prognosis service on any server. 

If you need to allow the connection later, then just comment out the above line on the Production server and start the NETWORK config.


Hope this helps.