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IR Supported Reporter DB Software

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IR Supported Reporter DB Software

I'm working on a new project and need to know what database architecture Prognosis supports. At this time we have several SQL Server 2008 R2 servers. However, we would like to know if IR supports software such as MySQL or SQLExpress. I have looked in the v11.1 help center and have only found references to MS SQL Server 05, 08, 08 R2, 12 and 14. At this time I'm looking to collect reporting data, this is not from a monitoring perspective.
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Re: IR Supported Reporter DB Software

Hi Jon,

In regards to collecting prognosis records to a third party database like Microsoft SQL or MySQL, or Oracle etc, Prognosis suppports anything that is configurable via an ODBC connector.

So if you can setup an ODBC connector in WIndows and get a succcessful test result at the end of that wizard, then Prognosis should be able to use that. Sometimes this may involve you installing drivers to windows in order to get enhanced functionality from the ODBC connector and then specifying this driver on the ODBC connector and Prognosis setup.

On the Prognosis side, as per below screenshot, you select 'Other ODBC' and then specify the driver as you see it in the list in the ODBC connector data source. If your driver is not there, then it's a good indication you need to download and install a driver.

Have a look at these 2 areas and let me know if you jhave any further questions. It would be nice to see what your ODBC Driver list has in regards to MySQL etc.

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Re: IR Supported Reporter DB Software

Hi Jon,

One more thing. I just located a good KB ARticle for you on collecting data to Mysql in prognosis.
Article Number: 2788
Article Title: How to configure a database collection to store data to MYSQL from a 64 bit server

You can search for this in the Support Portal but in the interest of making it easier to access I will paste the content of it below too:

Description: You may experience problems trying to configure a Prognosis/IPTM database collections to an ODBC ‘MYSQL’ destination on 64 bit Windows Operating Systems.

Possible Symptom: You may receive the following error:
“Unable to connect to external database”

Explanation: Prognosis and IP Telephony Manager products use a 32 bit ODBC connection to these database servers so it is important to ensure you do three things:

1. Install the 32 bit MYSQL ODBC driver (Even if your node is 64 bit)
I.e. “mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.11-win32.msi”

2. Create the empty database in MYSQL and ensure your USER has sufficient permissions to connect from your server.

3. Configure the ODBC connection in the 32 bit copy of the “ODBC Data Source Administrator” tool. On a 64 bit machine you can load both the 32 bit and 64 bit copies of this tool. To load the 32 bit copy of the tool, execute the following command from “Start | Run”:


- Then click into “System DSN” tab and click “Add”. Then select “MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver” from the list and click finish.

- Key in the appropriate details and as long as the test button works here, then Prognosis or IP Telephony Manager will be able to utilize this DSN Connection.

Note: If this last step fails then it is almost certain that MYSQL settings are preventing connection and Prognosis or IPTM will not work until this test button succeeds.