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How to setup EMS Alert Once per hour

05 Base Camper

How to setup EMS Alert Once per hour

How can I setup an EMS alert where it should only send an alert once for every one hour if the problem still occured?


Appreciate if you can share any example that I can test that on my environment.



Community Manager

Re: How to setup EMS Alert Once per hour

Set the Check Interval to 1 hour does what you need here?

Help > System Functions > Thresholds > General Information > Threshold Timing > Threshold Timing



12 Sherpa

Re: How to setup EMS Alert Once per hour


Actually the "check interval" is not what you want to set to 1 hour, as you want it to go away when it stops occurring immediately not just check it every hour.. but more importantly you want to be alerted as soon as it occurs. If you set the "Check Every" to 1 hour you will absolutely positively miss occurrences. 


What you want to set is the "Log Frequency" to 1 hour.. so it will initially alert you immediately.. then won't alert you again for 1 hour.


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Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.