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How to pass arguments in Shell Command.

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How to pass arguments in Shell Command.

Dear Team,


Can we pass input/argument while triggering an command on NonStop.


I have a one macro on NonStop node and I am triggering it after particular condition happened. Now I want to pass argument to it so that I can put logic in macro based on input parameter.


How to pass it throught threshold command or what is syntax for it.





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Re: How to pass arguments in Shell Command.

Hi Tush,


Thank you for the query.


Threshold shell command destination cannot really pass on arguments, it has to be a clearly defined command (with the field replaced) which can run directly from the actual command prompt. You might use the Prognosis Command function to do this instead, which can pass argument and even prompt for a value. 
Another way is to use Analyst which can have conditional path of the command execution and use different argument. 


Hope this helps.




Re: How to pass arguments in Shell Command.

Hi Tushar,

Just to clarify David's reply, you can add command parameters after the command, as you've indicated with the yellow highlight.


These can either be static parameters or built from a combination of static (pre-defined) text and variable substitutions, the same as for 'on' and 'off' event text for other threshold destinations.  You can use the 'Build...' button on the right to help you build these.


You will probably also want to define a password key containing the NonStop credentials, to save you from entering them each time the threshold is started.


The below link has further details:


However ...   It's been a while but I don't believe 'OBEY' file can take parameters.  Maybe that's the problem?  (i.e. do the parameters work when you run the command directly from TACL prompt?)