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How to combine the values in threshold?

05 Base Camper

How to combine the values in threshold?

Dear Team,


I have created a display which combined all the values and based on that values it shows visual alarms.

Now I want to trigger an Email/SNMP based on same configuration but I cannot able to combined the values in Threshold.


Can it be possible to combined the values and trigger an mail based on the criteria? if yes how?

There is no combines tab while creating an threshold.



Tushar Devkar

Community Manager

Re: How to combine the values in threshold?

Nice work getting the combine working with visual alerts!


Unfortunately the Combine feature is not available in thresholds. The alernative is to use a summary type record.


For example, if looking to alert on a condition that occurs over the span of multiple rows in TransactionDetail (TRANDET) , then the TransactionSummary record is the closest summary record with a suitable associate name. The threshold can alert on a row of TransactionSummary record that is effectvely a summary of multiple transactions.



12 Sherpa

Re: How to combine the values in threshold?


This is a extremely commonly requested feature and even though you can do combines in PQL you cannot do them in a threshold currently. 


There are a few alternatives:

1) Do you combine in PQL and trigger based on the value in an Analyst (as long as you are on 11.5p2 or later)

2) Have the services team create a custom combine record.


Either way I HIGHLY recommend you put this in as a Product Commitment request with your account manager.  I know I've worked with many customers on this same request (and how I came up with #1) and the general functionality was supposed to be implemented / roadmapped but I haven't seen it on it yet appear on the roadmap yet.

If my answer helped you today, please be sure to mark the resolved button to assist others.

Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.