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Getting Prognosis to restart a service on a log entry

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Getting Prognosis to restart a service on a log entry

Good day everyone.

I am looking for a bit of help. I am trying to get Prognosis to restart a process automatically if it detects that it has stopped our failed. I have ODBC connection configured that tend to stop when there is a problem on the MS SQL side. Normally a restart of the ODBC connection on the Prognosis side re-establishes the ODBC connection.

I do have threshold condition in Prognosis that triggers an event when this occurs. But I would like to take this a step further and actually restart the ODBC connection.

Something to mention is that I do have a Prognosis Analyst and a set of batch files that will restart the ODBC connections once a day. In this point in time I suspect that I would have to create something like this. Have the Analyst monitor for an error int eh log file, if the condition is met it needs to execute a batch file which will then restart the ODBC configuration.

Any help will be appreciated.


12 Sherpa

Re: Getting Prognosis to restart a service on a log entry


If you already have a threshold that triggers an event when that occurs, then you can just add a new 'Command' destination that simply calls your batch file.

If you have to change directories, pls note that threshold command is run from \Configuration directory, so take that as your starting point. Or just copy the batch file into that location.

Also, if you don't need special permissions to run the script, you can use 'Prognosis' key to execute the command.


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