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Different charts with the same scale

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Different charts with the same scale

We have two BASE24 classic system, running as an active-active system, but sometimes we need to transfer all the traffic to a single machine to perform an maintenance (NSK upgrade for example), then we need to test the machine that was changed with a small amount of traffic.

We have a display with two charts (one for each) and if we use the automatic scale for the charts, the charts seems that the machines have the same load, but one have 95% and the other 5%.

This screen is used 24X7 and if we fix the scale to our peak, we got a problem during the night, because the display doesn't help to monitoring.

I think that the solution is to use an automatic scale, but we need the same scale on both charts, to visually have the capability to see which machine has more load.

I tried to configure this on our Prognosis installation and can't do that. We are using 9.1.


Re: Different charts with the same scale

Hi Eduardo
Interesting problem. I also tend to notice the line/bar height before looking more closely at the numbers in the axis. You're right that by default it adjusts the vertical axis scale automatically. Have you tried set it to Fixed Scale and specify the Min and Max values? Its in the display Properties under Presentation tab, Axis tab. Perhaps set them both to the same values - Min 0, Max 100.