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Daily csv data file

05 Base Camper

Daily csv data file

Dear Friends.
I set up a very basic data collector (Total TPS every 5 minutes) in a csv format file.
My idea is to generate 1 file per day with the data collected. (tps_yyyymmdd.csv)
My problem is that I only managed to grow the file to its maximum size.
I have not been able to generate 1 file per day
Does anyone know how to set up Prognosis to generate a daily data file?

I will thank you for the help.

My configuration.
Prognosis 10.3
Hp Nonstop Blade System J06.14
Base24-eps 9.02 Sp15
12 Sherpa

Re: Daily csv data file

Hi Mario,
Can I restate and confirm what you are doing and the issue you are running into?

As I understand it you are running a Prognosis Database Collection on a 5 minute interval with it outputting every 5 minutes into a CSV format vs. the Prognosis Database format. You are though encountering an issue of the file filling up before you reach the entire total for the day.

If this understanding is correct, let me ask a few additional questions.
1) Is it a database collection" with a "C" or a summary with an "S"?
2) Do you only want summarized information or do you want the detail?
3) What Associate names do you have defined in the database collection, such as it just "TOTAL" or do you have many keys?

I suspect that you are only wanting the summary information on a 5 minute interval but are getting all of the detail and thus the CSV file is filling up pretty quickly.

Tip: If you run an IRFAX you can pull the text version of the database definition you have defined out and post it into the forum here. It would look something like this but be named the database you have running...
DB "ATM Incident Manager"

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Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.
05 Base Camper

Re: Daily csv data file

Hi , Christopher

In part it is correct what you interpret.
The only thing different, is that the file is not filled before the end of the day. My problem is that at each interval, prognosis adds a record to the same file. So, after one week (5 days) I have only 1 file and what I need is to have 5 files. (One for each day).

Attached part of the configuration and an extract of the result.

Answering your questions:
1: database collection is "C"
2.- The Record Name is Base24EpsTransactionSumary
3.- Associate names : "TOTAL"

Mario .



Re: Daily csv data file

Hey Mario,

Prognosis, as-is, would not be able to create a separate file per day.

However, a small utility script (e.g in perl) can be triggered every night to flush yesterday's data into a file with naming format you described above.

I'd also like to understand why you need one file per day? If we know what the end goal is, in terms of reporting, we may have a different option that prognosis summary database can natively do as Chris mentioned above.

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05 Base Camper

Re: Daily csv data file

We have a management system that integrates data from many sources. Some of the information is generated from a old system (TPS, action codes per sender and other data). I need to replace the source of the data, and I thought that PROGNOSIS can do it.

In summary:
Today I have an older system generating some files with data.
I need to replace the data source with a new system, in this case PROGNOSIS.

Next year I will make improvements in the process.


Re: Daily csv data file


how is data consumed? Is it expecting a file tps_yyyymmdd.csv every day? If so, you'd need a batch or perl script to create a copy of the prognosis csv database once a day. If your database has a wrap of more than 1 days then the script would need to filter data based on .

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05 Base Camper

Re: Daily csv data file

The file is available daily. Indeed, we could consider a collector that is reused every 2 days and daily execute a script that reads the data from the csv file generated by PROGNOSIS and generate a new one.

I'm going to program it that way.

Thank you very much for your help....