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Create new self signed certificate for Prognosis web site


Create new self signed certificate for Prognosis web site

The self signed SSL certificate that is created when the web feature is installed on a server will eventually expire giving you certificate errors when trying to access your Prognosis web node.

To create a new SSL self signed certificate, open the IIS Manager on your Prognosis web server. one the left pane of the window, highlight your server name. On the left pane, double click "Server Certificates".

In the list of server certificates, right mouse click in that window and select "Create Self-signed certificate". A wizard will pop up and you will enter a name for the certificate. For the certificate store, you can leave it at the default Personal. Click OK.

Next, in the left pane of the IIS manager window. Drill down to the Prognosis site. On the Actions pane of the window under the "Edit site" section, click the "Bindings" link. Select the https protocol and select the Edit button on the Site bindings window. For the SSL certificate dropdown, select the name of the new SSL certificate you created. and click ok. Once the change is made. click the restart link under the "manage website" section of the Actions pane of the IIS Manager window. Once restarted, your new SSL Certificate for the Prognosis web site will take effect.

Since this is a self-signed certificate, you will still see that warning when you connect. If you require higher security, you will have to get a certificate from a third party certificate from a Certificate Authority after you create a new certificate request. Once the new certificate is uploaded, you would edit the site bindings to use that certificate.