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Cisco Voice Quality Summary

05 Base Camper

Cisco Voice Quality Summary

We're consistently seeing, or rather NOT seeing, the data in the Cisco Voice Quality summary trying to drill down and figure out why a call had issues with Quality is impossible. Any idea or help on this? We have stopped and restarted path insight as well as Prognosis services, sometimes it will show a red excalmation point , other times just no data shows up. image attached.CVQS.png

We're on 11.2

Re: Cisco Voice Quality Summary

Hi Michael,

The database collection that supplies that replay contains three separate records. The data missing from that display window is sourced from the CMCALL record while the bottom four come from CMCALLSA (call summary associate). I'd be inclined to check the source database and check both records at that interval in time to see if you can confirm if the entry in CMCALL exists or not. This will help identify if it's a data collection issue or a replay issue. If we find it's a data collection issue, i.e. there's data missing from the database, one possible cause could be filtering on the database collection. Similarly, if it's a replay issue, it could be filtering on the display/replay document.

Also, if you see a red exclamation mark, you can mouse over the '!' to view the related error message which can also help pinpoint the source of an error.

For this specific problem, it might be best to raise a case with the support team so we can investigate this with you further. I think we'll need to take a more detailed look at this to determine the source of the missing data.