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Bug of prognosis for Base24-eps

05 Base Camper

Bug of prognosis for Base24-eps

As is known, prognosis 10.x has a bug related to the reading of the journal files of Base24-eps (v 1.9.2) when the setlement processing Day is set to 5.

My question is:
Does anyone know if this problem was solved in the 11.x versions of prognosis?
How was it solved?



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Re: Bug of prognosis for Base24-eps

Hi Mario, 


There has been no change in 11.x to the way that 5 day journals are handled when BASE24-eps transactions are monitored on box (by reading the journal files).


In Prognosis 11.3, however, a generic BASE24-eps RTF (Real-Time Feed) reader was introduced that can receive  transactions from BASE24-eps running on any platform and feed them into Prognosis. This reader runs on Windows or Linux, and can take transactions from BASE24-eps 2.0+ running on any platform. It is used as the default transaction monitoring method for BASE24-eps on Linux and zOS. 


This method can also be used for BASE24-eps on NonStop, but does require BASE24-eps v2.0 or above, and the configuration is a little different with the Prognosis collectors being configured and run on a Windows or Linux server. If you need any more information on ths option, let us know.