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Base24 Token F4 digital wallet

05 Base Camper

Base24 Token F4 digital wallet

Hi , We would like to get Display based on F4 tokens (PTLF -base24 Classic) and confgiured key 

!Digital Wallet F4 token
User Field ( $PROD18.PRO1DATA, FLD17, "TOKEN (F4, STRING(0,5))")

Enable Key ( Base24TransactionSummary, OWNER+FLD17+ACQUIRER )
Enable Key ( Base24TransactionSummary, FLD17 )


However on creating normal display with associate name OWNER+FLD17+ACQUIRER doesnt return any,



Re: Base24 Token F4 digital wallet

Hi @Sandeephk,


It may depend on what record you're looking at. If you're looking at Transaction Detail (TRANDET) or Transaction Exception (TRANXCPT), please refer to this online help article as some additional configuration may be needed:


If you're looking at the BASE24 record, we may need to take a closer look at your configuration and source data in more detail.




05 Base Camper

Re: Base24 Token F4 digital wallet

Hi Scott_Clement ,


Using the Transaction Summary record to fetch the F4 token logged on Base24 PTLF file.

12 Sherpa

Re: Base24 Token F4 digital wallet


1) Do you reference your other user fields the same way, first field should be the name of the transaction source (i.e. PRO1PTLF) and not the Nonstop Subvolume path. It may allow you to use a path but that seems a bit odd from normal convention and this may be partially the source. 

User Field ( $PROD18.PRO1DATA, FLD17, "TOKEN (F4, STRING(0,5))")

2) Looking at the Base24 Token Manual (I have Base24 6.0v10-2017 version) the F4 token doesn't align to how you have it defined for String (0,5). You will get some very odd results when mapping to tokens / TDEs if you do not end them evenly at the end of subfields especially if you cross data types.  Everything with this token is a PIC(x) with a total length of 14 though.. 

1-2 Wallet-IND-FLG



I do see 3-5 of this second field is the more specific wallet id.. so you may just need to play with it a bit to get it to map correctly if it is not #1 as your root issue.. such as STRING(1,5) or first getting one component of it vs. spanning fields.


3) If you are modifying the use of FLD17; you need to stop IRTXNCOL/IRTSVCOL and wait for at least 30 seconds (standard intervals of any requestors) and then start it back up to re-purpose FLD17... otherwise generally a 'start' is all that is required to map a user field in Base24 classic .. though with Realtime feeds sources using forwarders you have to do a few more steps. 

4) To @Scott_Clement 's point sometimes getting it working on IRTSVCOL to see it in detail can be easier.. other than invoking it in IRTSVCOI involves stop/starting it after modifying the Nonstop file.. but generally IRTXNCOL.   


Please do let me know the final result.. trying to build a small catalog of successfully mapped Token/TDEs/etc for each platform.

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Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.