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Alert for "Data Source Not Availble" message.

05 Base Camper

Alert for "Data Source Not Availble" message.

Hello Folks,


How we can configure a threshold alert when Data source becomes unavailable? or Data source is disconnected.


Background of the topic:

I have created one Trend dashboard which shows the ATM/POS TPS trend with yesterday/LastWeek and current data.

Sometimes we see drastic change in the trend, I think this happen due to network fluctuation. Please find attcahed image for clarification.Prognosis Disconnect Alert.jpg


How we can trigger and alert when this condition happen? what condition/record we can use to identify this.



Tushar Devkar


Re: Alert for "Data Source Not Availble" message.

Hello Tushar,


What record did you use to create this dashboard?  Depending on the record, You can create a threshold with a where  clause to alert when a change is more than a number you specify.  I would need to know the record used and what fields are available to query with a where clause.  Let me know the record and i can look it up or make a screen shot of the display configuration and I can get som emore information for you.






05 Base Camper

Re: Alert for "Data Source Not Availble" message.

Thanks@Scot_Clark for your response,


I got your point that we can enable alert if there is huge difference between numbers, but I was thinking to configure an alert on actual issue like network fluctuation or disconnection between data collector and display. So that it will not be limited for one display.


Still it is a good idea. Please find attached screenshot of records. It is basically DynamicThresholdValue(DTVALUE), we can use ACTUAL_VALUE(ACTVAL) for the criteriaPostScr.JPG



Tushar Devkar

Community Manager

Re: Alert for "Data Source Not Availble" message.

Hi Tushar, 


The Prognosis Availability can be configured to measure network connectivity and latency. Online Help article link below.


Simply add a single line into the AVAILABILITY configuration on the NonStop Prognosis that is collecting that data (and click Start):

  • TCPIP HOST (<arbitrary-name>,<IP address>, 30, SECONDS)

Then create a display of

  • Record: MpAvailabilty
  • Fields: Id, IdAlias, ResponseTimeSeconds, StateCurrent, SubIdSecondary
  • Node: NonStopNode
  • where clause : ALL
  • Associate Names: TCP/IP

(it is very similar for Windows )


The latency field "ResponseTimeSeconds" could also be plotted on a graph along side your graph to see if the glitches are related to network issues.


Prognosis does an ICMP Ping to the configured target IP addresses to provide this UP/Down and Latency metrics.


for more details in Online Help:

"Prognosis for Infrastructure > Prognosis for HP NonStop > Availability Reporting > Monitored Entities > TCPIP"