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Adding a ruler in newer versions of prognosis workspace gui

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Adding a ruler in newer versions of prognosis workspace gui

Is there maybe any thought of adding a ruler in newer versions of prognosis?
I find it a bit of a hassle to add multiple screens into a display. I must take my own ruler and navigate it on my laptop screen. If you don't measure you'll see a crooked screen on you prognosis web (after you send it to web)
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Re: Adding a ruler in newer versions of prognosis workspace gui

Hi Lean,

don't understand exactly what you mean by ruler but would be happy if you could describe a bit more. Also have you checked to use the Mashup feature. There you could send single displays with one windows to web and then combine them within a mashup which maybe a help for you.

Re: Adding a ruler in newer versions of prognosis workspace gui

Hi Leon,

I can relate to how you are measuring windows in GUI using a ruler, I have done that in the past. I also use Snagit screen capture technique that gives me a measurement in pixels (while capturing) and I use it to distribute dashboard space evenly among the windows.

Other (not so recommended) way would be to directly change size (height/width) of windows in the published dashboard in layout section. dashboards are located under \WebUI\IIS\Dashboards\ or if its 11.x then under \WebUI\IIS\Dashboards\User (for user dashboards).

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Re: Adding a ruler in newer versions of prognosis workspace gui

I would reach out to your Account Manager as well to ensure there is a Product Commitment in place for this feature with some details that include auto window alignment, snap-to resizing, and window measurement hovers which would probably be more directly beneficial than just adding a ruler to the sides of the edit window in Edit Mode. The application I mention below does the ruler thing.

There are some general styling to keep in mind when creating a display for the web.

1) Due to the lack of "window sizing / measuring" in the IRGUI desktop interface I utilize to measure the size of windows in terms of resolution and the screen size I am planning the screens to be leveraged on.. based on the organizations' standard display resolution. If developing on a widescreen monitor this is especially important if your end users may not have similar wide resolutions. Our minimum resolution I believe is currently 1024x768 for the WebUI before things start getting crunched but we commonly develop screens at higher resolutions.
2) The IRGUI doesn't have a good auto-align feature to ensure windows are preciously aligned and I agree I've also used the ruler, rubber band, string across the monitor to ensure alignment of the windows. On that though they I believe just need to be withing a few pixels of each other and on publishing the WebUI will auto-align within a few pixels (I don't recall what the pixel threshold is but seem to recall it is 5 or less).

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