Wondering how to sell Active Testing?

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Wondering how to sell Active Testing?

HeartBeat provides operational surveillance of production systems and generates alerts if something's amiss so Customers can "Go Home with Confidence!"  StressTest is event-driven, typically triggered by a new implementation or a tweak to an existing system so Customers can "Go Live with Confidence!". This brochure provides ideas for discovery, objection handling, and closing active testing services.


Re: Wondering how to sell Active Testing?

Having real-world examples of ways companies are currently using HeartBeat and StressTest is really helpful as well.  If there is a scenario where using automated calls from the outside in to gather data, including recordings, active testing is a fit.  We test conference bridges, voicemail systems, SIP upgrades/changes, contact center, self-service applications, reservations, etc.  

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Unified Communications has always been an important part of companies' digital transformation efforts due to its ability to enable rich virtual collaboration and communication. But with COVID-19, we've reached a break-through point.

Join Bill Haskins, Sr. Analyst & Partner, Unified Communications at Wainhouse Research, and John Ruthven, CEO at IR discuss UC challenges companies are experiencing due to the COVOID-19 crisis.

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