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Window theme setting not applicable for Web GUI

05 Base Camper

Window theme setting not applicable for Web GUI

Prognosis v11.5.0


I have applied my customized theme to display and sent it to web but customized theme effects are not applied for Web UI. Though it can be seen on client GUI.


Also if I change font size of display data in client, it is only limited to client. Font setting is not replicating on Web UI display.


Am I missing something in configuration or window theme setting is not applicable to Web UI?


Note : If I apply color coding in Visual Alerts then it is reflecting on Web UI but window theme color/text changes can't be view on Web UI.

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Re: Window theme setting not applicable for Web GUI

Hi G_Prasad,


Its possible that you are seeing some deployement limitation on Web application.




You can find more detail information in Online Help: 

Home > User Interfaces > Web Application > View Systems > Deployment Limitations



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