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What is IRCLEAN utility and what are the files it removes?


What is IRCLEAN utility and what are the files it removes?

What is IRCLEAN utility and what are the files it removes?



Re: What is IRCLEAN utility and what are the files it removes?

IRCLEAN is a tool that will delete persistent application data. Used mainly to clear out any suspected corruption that can occur when an improper application shut down occurs. Can also be used to clear some internal data.

irclean [ full | partial | vproc <vproc output file name> | dispatch | aim | tsv ]

What files are deleted when running an irclean FULL or PARTIAL?

There are several options when running irclean, the most common being 'full' and 'partial'. The files that are deleted with each of these options are documented below:
a0* User Collector Message filePartial and Full
avpersAvailability Persistence file Partial and Full
avrensaf* Availability Store and Forward files Full Only
avsfmapl* Availability Store and Forward files Partial and Full
avsmap* Availability Store and Forward files Partial and Full
confdb* Database conf for entries in navtree Partial and Full
confpro Process Control File Partial and Full
confwebv* Web view reports Partial and Full
DBO*Database data files for navtreePartial and Full
dcol0*Measure files - disc collector (Nonstop)Partial and Full
F0* Generic file server work files Partial and Full
FullRecordDefinitions Record Definition Dir Full Only
Help Definitions Help Dir Full Only
irinuse* Internal file usage list Full Only
irtecad* Tivoli Integration data file Full Only
meas0* Measure collection files (Nonstop) Partial and Full
NTD* File Collector File Full Only
NTF* File Collector File Full Only
NTL* File Collector File Full Only
prgncnf* Static configuration File Full Only
prgnhs* Persistent files software/hardware Full Only
prgnrec* Record definition files Full Only
ProcessDefinitions Process Control Dir Partial and Full
PrognosisErrors Error Definition Dir Full Only
RecordDefinitions Record Definition Dir Full Only
s0* Store and Forward Files for each connection Full Only
ssafmap* SAF catalog file Full Only
ssafmapl* SAF lock file Full Only
StaticConfigDefinitions Static configuration Dir Full Only
stemschk* EMS data file Full Only
stemssav* EMS data file Full Only
SWINVDB Software Inventory File Full Only
teccache* Tivoli cache file Full Only
UCMREG* User Collector File Partial and Full
UCMREG* IRUCMSRV shared memory file Partial and Full
UserErrors User Collector Dir Full Only
V0* Availability SAF file for remote nodes Partial and Full
wvlog.txt Error logging File Full Only

Additional Info
Of the above file descriptions here are some common terms explained:
Store and Forward (SAF) related files are used by the Prognosis SAF facility (search Help for SAF for details) so that no data is lost when network links go down etc.
Persistence files store binary data that PROGNOSIS has gathered in order to start up more quickly and to automatically re-load thresholds, database collections and so on when it starts up.
Static Configuration files are persistence files for configuration data.
It should be noted that:
* IRCLEAN may cause losses and gaps in monitoring data for various elements and particularly for Availability data;
* IRCLEAN removes all evidence and diagnostics that might identify the root cause of a problem. (However if a problem persists after the IRCLEAN then diagnostics will soon become available again).
* PROGNOSIS will take longer to start up immediately after running IRCLEAN;
* After IRCLEAN all thresholds and databases that were running before will have to be started again manually (same as a Prognosis Cold re-start).
The use of IRCLEAN without advice from support is not recommend as it can lead to unexpecteded data loss. If in doubt, please contact support.

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