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SFTP Service

Can someone please verify that the SFTP Service is really only for UC and if it's not running in a Payments environment that's it's not an issue?


Re: SFTP Service for Payments

Josh that is 100% Correct. 
No Prognosis for Payments Solution utilizes the SFTP service which IS ONLY INSTALLED when you choose "Monitoring Node" on the Windows installer. 


For the reason that it is both not utilized and for audit/compliance/security reasons we suggest all Prognosis for Payments Windows nodes should be installed as "Managing Node" only... this including Postilion Realtime servers which you are monitoring.  


The SFTP service can be disabled, though because you installed as a monitoring node you cannot remove it without uninstalling and reinstalling as a managing node or your upgrades will fail I believe. 


This older post also mentions what we used to install prior to 11.x versions SFTP and how it also was not applicable to Prognosis for Payments. 


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Christopher R Souser - Sr. Services Solution Engineer, Payments & Infrastructure – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.
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