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Root Cause Analysis

In the training video there is an "Enable Root Cause Historically"

How do we access this feature...where is it located? is it part of the standard Prognosis package or is it a special activation?

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Re: Root Cause Analysis

Hi Tonia,

Could you be a little more specific please?
What video?
Around what time in that video?
What technology are you needing this type of data for? (Skype, Avaya, Cisco etc)

Off the cuff, I think they are likely referring to starting certain databases for each technology.

Trouble shooting

So I believe the intention here is just to make you aware of the need to ensure databases are started for the technologies you are wanting to do historical troubleshooting on. The Video itself is likely referring to the Trouble shooting database. We do have a few online help topics and I urge you to use the key words:
Trouble Shooting
Capacity Planning
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Re: Root Cause Analysis

Here are the screen shots of how I got to where i found the Enable Root Analysis Historically. I was not able to attach docx. I saved as regular doc. still could not attach so I sent it to your email.

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Re: Root Cause Analysis

Thanks Tonia. I'll review it and get back to you.
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Re: Root Cause Analysis

HI Tonia,

I have reviewed the video and it is merely pointing to the ability for prognosis to capture any data in a database and then play that back interval by interval on a display (Database Replay). This is further covered in the following online help topic:


The video itself is not being device specific with the mention of this although I do see them using SBC data as an example. Most of the devices we monitor have historical databases pre-packaged and ready to start .
- These can be started from the WEBUI Admin area against each device you have configured there (Click into it and there should be a tick-box to start he databases)
- These can also be started from the Windows Client (From UC-Welcome, click into the device, then click on the Configuration link at the top. From there you should be able to find the links to start those historical databases.

After that, in the WEBUI or Windows Client, the Reports or historical links from that device should raise data in usable format against those databases.

You can create custom databases and replays against those custom databases, or even extra replays against the packaged databases.

I hope this helps. Please do let me know if this answers your question.
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