Perform Action on MTS monitoring node based on some syslog text

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Perform Action on MTS monitoring node based on some syslog text


I understand Prognosis more than just monitoring and We can make Prognosis to perform some action.

The scenario is, If we see something on syslog and perform some MTS related activities like start/stop the MTS process, bring up the MTS lines..etc.
Part 1) Analyst to monitor the syslog based on some specific event text
Part 2) If the event occurs, Stop the MTS specific process and lines

I am good with Part 1,
For the Part2, I do have the corresponding unix commands to execute, I am not sure how to execute those commands from Analyst code? OR Do I need to write those set of commands as shell script and Just execute that shall script file from Prognosis Analyst?

Please share your thoughts on this, It would be helpful for us to automate and resolve the issues.
Also, If you have some sample code for executing UNIX commands from Analyst, would be great.

Charles(Wells Fargo)
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Re: Perform Action on MTS monitoring node based on some syslog text

Charles there are a couple different ways you can do this but the short version is you can use 3 technologies.

If you look in the Base24 ATM Ticketing analyst including in Payments - Base24 under knowledge as a starting point of an example.. it is not MTS specific but that is a useful example where it issues NCPCOM commands.

1) Analysts which you are familar
2) Thresholds
3) Node.js (via automation or even from a threshold or analyst)

1) In Help reference "Analyst using IRCMD"
2) In Help reference the help "Commands from Thresholds"
3) In Hep reference "Administration - Automation Page", which is much different than you are use to and developing new scripts.. but the command setup execution is much different.

If my answer helped you today, please be sure to mark the resolved button to assist others.

Christopher R Souser - Sr. Services Solution Engineer, Payments & Infrastructure – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.
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