Left Axis Fixed Scale less than 0

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Left Axis Fixed Scale less than 0

Hi Team,

I am creating a response times graph that needs to show values from 0 to 0.5 seconds in 0.01 steps.
I can enter 0 in the "MIN" Fixed Scale input box but cannot enter 0.5 in the "MAX" input box.
I would also like to show threshold line at 0.25.

If I use 1 as Max value, the graph becomes almost a flatline.

A dynamic scale is not suitable since a slight increase makes the graph look like a large spike, however that spike is well within normal limits.
I have added a screenshot of a fixed and dynamic scale.

Could you please tell me how to create a fixed scale that starts at 0 seconds to 0.5 seconds in 0.01 steps, with a threshold line at 0.25 seconds.
Thank you.fixed-scale.JPG

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Re: Left Axis Fixed Scale less than 0

Hi Sarb,

tried that and I can see your problem with entering the "." for "0.5". However I was able to copy/paste it from a notepad in there and it worked. Same applies to the threshold line at "0.25". Just the 0.01 intervals is something I haven't found out. Question for me would be if you want to view this one within the Windows Client or more preferable in the WebUI?
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Re: Left Axis Fixed Scale less than 0

Hi Stefan,

That is the perfect answer Smiley Happy
I am now able to create graphs down to 0.0001, which accurately reflect the response times for transactions.
The left access scale automatically sets to a reasonable increment so that's fine for reporting.
Thank you very much for your assistance Stefan.


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Re: Left Axis Fixed Scale less than 0

Thanks for letting us know. Happy to help. If you can also mark as answered that would be appreciated Smiley Happy
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