Installer for Prognosis GUI Client

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Installer for Prognosis GUI Client

We have prognosis server running on NonStops only. Users & prognosis administrators are using mainly a GUI Client to manage configuration, threshols and to see Performance data.

If we would like to install a new GUI Client on users' workstations, we have to distribute a complete Windows installer (includes server, etc.) which is now almost 1Gb of size. Transferring such enormous installer is really exaggerated, and installation takes a really long time. Is there any reason, why you do not provide only a GUI Client installer?


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Re: Installer for Prognosis GUI Client

Hello Igor,


IR Development has looked into this item in the past, but a Windows Client only installer has not yet been created. The intention has been to keep the number of installers to a minimum to help simplify the Prognosis installer download list.


A way to formalize the request for a Windows Client only installer is to open a Request For Enhancement (RFE)/Product Commitment (PC) case, and have it escalated to IR Development.


Thank you,

Scott Baldwin


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