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How to round up TotalResponseTimeAverage(RESPTIME)

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How to round up TotalResponseTimeAverage(RESPTIME)



I have 1 display which shows TotalResponseTimeSecondsAverage(RESPTIME) in x.xxxxxx format for eg.(1.367513).

Now I want it to show in decimal format and not in float. If it is 1.367513 then it should show 1 or if it is not possible in decimal  then atleast can we truncate float value . Meaning, if it is 1.367513 then it would be 1.3 .


Same concern is applicable to fields which shows value in percentage. Now approve/decline percent fields shows data in xx.xx% format, can we round up it in 2 decimal?

For eg. If approval percent (APRV%) is 88.79% then it should show 89. Either roundUp/truncate functionality should work for these fields.


I tried using userDefineFields with Truncate/Round functionality but it is restricting me by showing following message "Expression was evaluated into a type that mismatches the user-defined field type".


kindly advise.

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Re: How to round up TotalResponseTimeAverage(RESPTIME)

You're on the right track. 

Note for everyones' reference:

Calculated fields:

Functions that can be used in calculated fields:


Just make sure that the type is changed to Numeric. Here's a screen image showing this setting.




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