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Does Prognosis supports NSK-MQ-Version 8.0.3?

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Does Prognosis supports NSK-MQ-Version 8.0.3?

Hello all! 
we want to upgrade MQS in the next week on NSK. 

Does Prognosis supports to monitor also Version 8.0.3?

Best Regards

Bernd Marten
Employee of Twinsoft-Germany

Re: Does Prognosis supports NSK-MQ-Version 8.0.3?


MSK-MQ-Version 8 Support was added in Prognosis 11.4 patch 5.

I do not see the patch being back ported to any other previous versions and not sure it is available for them. If upgrading  / patching is not an option then you will need to contact support to see if it can be made available for a previous version though I would expect that would only apply to a recent release if it can be.


60. IRMQSCOL needs to support MQv8 on NonStop (PB11-3521)

Prognosis cannot monitor MQv8 systems on NonStop

The MQ collector was not compiled against the MQv8 library on NonStop

The irmq80 executable has been compiled against the MQv8 library and can be
used on NonStop X. Refer to online help for guidance on how to use the new
version of the collector.


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