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Display window theme change based on visual alert condition

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Display window theme change based on visual alert condition

Currently I have created a display on which I am showing CardFIID and TermFIID based approval,denial and time out based visual alerts.

Now I don't want to show all data on display and data will be visible if negative condition occurred(define in visual alert).

I am showing the display with Green background and if denial rate goes high then rows are displaying with RED but background is still GREEN.I want it to change RED.


Basically I want to change window theme from "Standard" to "Warning" when some data is available on display.


Thanks in advanced.

Community Manager

Re: Display window theme change based on visual alert condition

Hi Prasad,


Nice work getting visual alarms happening on Denials. Unfortunately the Windows Theme cannot be changed in that way. Here's a short video presenting an alternative which is to put in a visual alert "banner" along the top.



In this test/simulated example, the alert condition is 'Denials > 1 and Denial% > 10' but the where clause used in the Base24Alerts threshold is more like  DENY% > 50 AND DENYCNT >20  etc.


Steps in this video:

1. Create a display of Base24PosTransactionSummary record showing Card FIID, Denials, Denials% fields;

2. Create a visual alert on rows of red colour when 'Denials > 1 and Denial% > 10' 


3. Create a banner:

3a. Make a copy of the view,

3b. Add a user defined field that is blank, and deselect the other fields.

3c. Make other adjustments. 


This is just a suggestion. 


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