Configuring VIP versus servers for MTS

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Configuring VIP versus servers for MTS

We have Pulse configured and working for a single server within a AIX cluster; however, looking for examples to utilize a VIP instead of server IP address so that switching within the cluster works automatically.  Any feedback appreciated.

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Re: Configuring VIP versus servers for MTS

Hi There,


I imagine your deployment is like the diagram in this help article, espec, Prognosis is installed on the MTS unix box:


So it is the prognosis managing node - to - prognosis monitoring node connection that would be affected by a VIP type network setup. This Online Help article describes the relevant configuration.


This Prognosis-to-Prognosis is a pretty standard TCP connection, default port 1960, that should be able to connect between network segments/subnets, with NAT or port forwarding etc so it should just be a matter of specifying the VIP address into the managing node NETWORK config:

MANAGED-NODES (<VIP Address Of MTS Host Here>:<port 1960 usually>)



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