Can a measure file be loaded to Prognosis?

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Can a measure file be loaded to Prognosis?

Does prognosis has the capability to read/load the datas of a measure measurement file created in the NonStop and presented on the GUI client?


Re: Can a measure file be loaded to Prognosis?

Hi @Jerry  

Currently out of the box it does not. This topic comes up on occassion but though we utilize portions of live measure data, we cannot read a historical measure file with its many statistics 'on-the-fly' into Prognosis's ui. 


If there are specific statistics you are interested in, that we do not currently map into a record,  it is best to put in an RFE request capturing those requests with support or through your account manager or CSM. 


It is also potentially possible for services to build a tool to read historical records and inject them into existing and custom record structures.  We would need to scope out what you are looking for though specifically to be able to size the effort.

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Re: Can a measure file be loaded to Prognosis?

Hello @ChristopherS 


I am guessing that the number crunching of the data sets of a raw measure file is to heavy for to do it out of the box. The need is to prognosis present the Measure entity stats from a 10 minutes measure file. We do these type of measurements are on demand when an unexpected event occurs. In occassions we need to compare data from different measure files.


Loading the file to prognosis would facilitate the data analisys and graph the outcome by fields giving us a quicker response time.


Maybe you have an alternate solution for our need. 


For example, the process entity would present the following fields:

Process 1,1708
Pri 90
OSSPID: 738200802
Program $DATA3.ZYQ00000.Z0001256:6676848157 (Native)
OSSPath: "/bin/sh"
Userid 25,250
Creatorid 25,250
Ancestor 1,1711 ($CTMF1)
Format Version: H07
Data Version: H07
Subsystem Version: 5
Local System \PRTIP1
From 31 Aug 2018, 18:32:18 For 0 Seconds
Cpu-Busy-Time 11.10 %
Dispatches 4,554 /s
Ready-Time 12.34 %
Comp-Traps 1,076 /s
Messages-Sent 3,312 /s
Messages-Received 82.82 /s
Msgs-Sent-Qtime 0.93 AQL

For the file entity:
File Open $DATA13.ZYQ00001.Z00000G2:29104812
OSSPath: "/home/tip/zle2/BIZCLNUP/olmscript"
Device Name $DATA13
Device Type 3 (Disk)
Opener 1,1033 ($CHPR1)
File Num 3
OSSPID: 83886367
Program $DATA13.ZYQ00001.Z00000G2:29104812
OSSPath: "/home/tip/zle2/BIZCLNUP/olmscript"
Opener Device Name $DATA13
Format Version: H07
Data Version: H07
Subsystem Version: 1
Local System \PRTIP1 From 31 Aug 2018, 18:29:57 For 0 Seconds
File-Busy-Time 95.52 %
Reads 11,714 /s






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Re: Can a measure file be loaded to Prognosis?

Many years ago (15+, at compaq time) the MEASGUI was available, capable to display measure data file in GUI (different type of graphs, etc). It was a preatty nice tool. Maybe someone still have it there in a cyber wild? It was usually located on G-series in SYSnn subvolume (if I remeber well).

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