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Blackout time configuration for Display or threshold

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Blackout time configuration for Display or threshold

Hi Team,


I have created an Threshold and some displays with visual alerts on the basis of TPS,approval,decline,timeout and reversal counts. Now I want it to be activated/dynamic for particular time period only.

For example: Visual alert/thresholds are configured on approval%, if approval% is less than 70% then it should trigger an alert. But in night time, transaction volume is very less so even if there is only one transaction which got declined due to genuine reason it triggered and alert.

For now I have add an additional condition of TotalTransactionCount > 10 but it is not fulfill my requirement. It is temporary workaround.


Can we mention some blackout time in which these alerts have different criteria.


Thanks in advance.


Re: Blackout time configuration for Display or threshold

Hello Prasad,


If you'd like to have two different types of logic for the same record, one way you can do it is to create two thresholds:


1. Create two thresholds

2. In the "Schedule" tab of the first threshold, set it to operate only during daytime hours

3. Adjust the where clause in the condition appropriately for your daytime preferences

4. In the "Schedule" tab of the second threshold, set it to operate only during nighttime hours

5. Adjust the where clause in the condition appropriately for your nighttime preferences


In this manner you can have different firing conditions for different times of day.





05 Base Camper

Re: Blackout time configuration for Display or threshold



Thanks for your quick response on my post.


For threshold, we can set it up but can we do the same confguration for visual alarm in display?

If yes, how? also if possible brief me about Date Time function present in where clause window of visual alarm.


Thanks in advance.



Re: Blackout time configuration for Display or threshold

Hello Prasad,


Unlike thresholds, displays (and therefore their features such as visual alarms) don't adapt to times of day.


Howerver, it might be possible to achieve what you're trying to do or something close to it by using time as part of the where clause that is used in the display. For example, by using the StartOfDay function so that the where clause only matches at a certain time of day.


Here's the documentation:


Home > System Functions > Where Clauses > Date and Time Calculations > Date and Time Calculations


If it isn't sufficient for your needs or you'd like assistance in configuring it, please lodge a ticket via the support portal as this will likely need to be referred to your account manager (for training/a quote).





Re: Blackout time configuration for Display or threshold

Hi Prasad,


If you're attempting to build this yourself, the following information might also help create the visual alarm:

1) Right click on the window of a tabular display window you want to add a visual alarm to and select 'Properties'.
2) Select 'Presentation' then 'Visual Alarms'.
3) Click '+' to add.
4) Add the where clause for the condition you wish to alarm on.
- To make the alarm time sensitive, you need to include a calculation based on the current time and the period you want the alarm to apply to. I did a little experimentation and found the following would work in the lab. In your where clause, you'll prefix the time based calculation with your own. To test, I was using the NTPROCESS record and using a simple 'BUSY > 1 AND (CurrentTime > (StartOfDay + 3240000) AND CurrentTime < (StartOfDay + 6480000))

The values added to start of day are in hundredths of a second. With these, this visual alarm will only trigger between 9am and 6pm.
6) With the where clause set, you would click on 'Alarm' and format the cell or row you would like to apply it to when met.


One thing I'd also mention is the order the visual alarms are listed is important! It processes these from the top down, so if you have multiple, you might sometimes get unexpected results.


Click OK and make sure you Save a copy of your document. If you're modifying a packaged display, I would also recommend saving it using a different name to also avoid overwriting during patch or upgrade.


I'll put together a short video to try and demonstrate this.

Also a cheat-sheet to help calculate the values to use that might come in handy:

Hour (Hundredths Sec)   Min Hundredths
1 360000   5 30000
2 720000   10 60000
3 1080000   15 90000
4 1440000   20 120000
5 1800000   25 150000
6 2160000   30 180000
7 2520000   35 210000
8 2880000   40 240000
9 3240000   45 270000
10 3600000   50 300000
11 3960000   55 330000
12 4320000      
13 4680000      
14 5040000      
15 5400000      
16 5760000      
17 6120000      
18 6480000      
19 6840000      
20 7200000      
21 7560000      
22 7920000      
23 8280000      
05 Base Camper

Re: Blackout time configuration for Display or threshold

Hi, I had the same need for Thresholds and Visual-Alarms.
I took it a step futher, because your next problem will be to keep the Threshold-values in sink with the Visual-Alarms.

So, I created a set of #Prompts: #TH_TPS_Day and #TH_TPS_Night.
Next, in Threshold and Visual-Alarm for day I used : TRANCNT <  #TH_TPS_Day


Hope this helps.


Mvg Jappie Toutenhoofd
Rabobank Netherlands
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