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05 Base Camper




How is the Base24epsTransactionSummary.TransactionsPerSecondPeak field calculated and when does it get refreshed?

Is it the peak for the last 24 hours, 48 hours, etc?

Does it exclude transactions marked with exceptions or counts all transactions as it's logged in Journal?






Re: Base24epsTransactionSummary.TransactionsPerSecondPeak

Hi Henry,


The TransactionsPerSecondPeak field is the highest value of the transactions that the collector has processed per second since the collector is started. For example, when the collector is first started, the very first value of the number of transactions processed by the collector per second is the highest value, then if the next value (number of transations processed per second) is higher than this current value, the field is replaced with the new higher value. So the data of this field is always retained or replaced, depending on the next value.

The collector processes those transactions that are valid, it does not count the transactions marked with exceptions. 

Thank you.

05 Base Camper

Re: Base24epsTransactionSummary.TransactionsPerSecondPeak

Thanks David.


Does the value reset on a collector restart? Server restart? Version upgrade?

Re: Base24epsTransactionSummary.TransactionsPerSecondPeak

Yes Henry, the value is reset after a restart of the collector or Prognosis service, or a server reboot, or version upgrade which requires stop and start of Prognosis service.

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