AskNow and Prognosis integration.

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AskNow and Prognosis integration.

Can we integrate AskNow and Prognosis so as to automate ticket creation process.

Re: AskNow and Prognosis integration.

He Subhash,

We'd need more information on what interface AskNow provides for integration. If you want to pull prognosis tickets into AskNow, then this can be achieved via prognosis REST API. If you want to push tickets into AskNow, then we'd need to build an interface to push them.

Lets find out what AskNow provides and we can go from there.

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Re: AskNow and Prognosis integration.

Some ticketing systems also allow Prognosis to feed new tickets the following aways:

1) SNMP (configurable in Analysts & Thresholds)
2) Email (configurable in Analysts & Thresholds)
3) SOAP (consulting solution)
4) Batch File Export that the third party app or another service like FTP picks up.
5) .. like Shoaib mentioned using RestAPI.

Knowing more details about AskNow would be useful, a quick google search turned up Psychic Readings site so probably not what you are wanting to feed your tickets to.. :-) lol.


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