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Alerts Noise Issue

Hello Team,


I hope all are doing good. 
Need some help on our current issue.

We are facing alerts noise issues for different clients on different types of alerts. This is creating huge noise in our monitoring tool.

Whenever any issue has happened in the client environment we are getting a lot of alerts  (2-3 messages per second until corrective action is taken.)
We would like to reduce the alert noise. Instead of sending 2-3 messages per second need one alert for every one hour 

until corrective action is taken for any issues.


Can anyone help us how to adjust the settings in our prognosis server to reduce this huge amount of alerts noise.







Re: Alerts Noise Issue

Hi Venkatesh, 


You may try to adjust 'Log at most every <n>' and/or 'Log after <n> consecutive occurrences' parameters in "Log Frequency"' in the threshold timing tab to reduce number of alerts.


I've include the Online help here:




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