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At my institution we use Prognosis to monitor ACI's MTS application, and I have (I assumed) a basic configuration question: where is the account (mtsacsum.accnum) and account type (mtsacsum.acctype) being defined, assuming in an .ini file somewhere? Because there are some Fed Funds accounts set up in MTS (REL Account and BAL) that is not being displayed/polled
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Re: AciMtsAccount/MTSACSUM

Hi Ken,
The account information we pull by default in 10.2-10.5 has a special regex in the code to pull specific types of accounts that we had worked out with ACI but it didn't specifically get 'special' accounts.. we ended up applying a hotfix to some customers to only get the 'special accounts' In 11.0-11.4 it is standard to only gets accounts flagged as "SPECIAL". To see if the account is special, you can view via MTS's IDI interface.

We moved to just the "special" account only query due to limitations on the JASI interface in which we were overloading its maximum registered components it could handle; so we worked with ACI to move to this.

We've discussed about adding another way to configure additional accounts beyond special similar to what you can do with QUEUES but we haven't put that together yet but I personally hope to see it in 2018.

Fed Funds should be there unless it is a variant of it.. I will reach out directly to help you track this down.

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Christopher R Souser - Sr. Services Solution Engineer, Payments & Infrastructure – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.
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