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Restrict particular users to access "Mananged Nodes" window

05 Base Camper

Restrict particular users to access "Mananged Nodes" window

Dear Team,


Can we restrict "Managed Node" view for particular users in client software. Is there any access control we can apply in Prognosis GUI client?

Requirement is to provide access to some user without "Managed Node"(View -> Managed Node) window. As we don't want to control them configuration, data collector or default node settings.



Tushar Devkar

12 Sherpa

Re: Restrict particular users to access "Mananged Nodes" window


You cannot prevent someone from Logging into IRGUI but you can prevent someone from doing anything on a particular node pretty easily. 

1) You just need to setup Prognosis SECURITY subsys to do so to only read permission or write permission to individual objects or tasks.  just be careful as you can accidently lock yourself out.  There are some examples in the product (which I would NOT recommend applying ever verbatim.. but are ok examples.  I also have a fairly large template if you need a PCI oriented one.

2) In a thin client / Citrix like environment there is also the Options->Application Security that can be deployed with a Thin Client / Citrix instance.. it no where as granular as the WebUI or Security subsys.. but it is something.

3) There is also a setting in the NETWORK subsys where you can control which SUBNETs can connect to the managing node / monitoring nodes.. but also be very careful and don't forget if you configure this!



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Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.