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Pronosis Dashboard in Mobile

05 Base Camper

Pronosis Dashboard in Mobile

Hi could you help me to find a way to see prognosis dashboard from my mobile?



12 Sherpa

Re: Pronosis Dashboard in Mobile

HI Patricia, 

You can view a Prognosis Dashboard in your mobile browser but its mostly a matter of zooming and scrolling unless you specifically build a dashboard specific for Mobile viewing which I know a couple of my customers I work with have done so.  Some are a bit more tricky though to get to work and still be readable but it is doable. I have also heard of a plugin people have used (but would need to look it up) to basically dynamically create a mobile version of the dashboard since the publish to web doesn't create two versions automatically. I would need to ask what they are specifically doing.


One thing to keep in mind too is mobile devices have different screen resolutions.. most out of box screen resolutions for Prognosis screens are 1024x768 but newer screens are being created at higher resolutions.


A great tool for checking your displays resolution is Meazures by Cthing (freeware) which is handy for developing screens at specific resolutions when your desktop is running at a higher resolution.


Let me know what other detail would be helpful, and sharing the device type you are trying to view them on too would also help.



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Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.