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Extreme VSP snmp config for path inside.

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Extreme VSP snmp config for path inside.

On implementation of Prognosis and path inside we received a lot of configuration documents for the Avaya equipment and I was wondering if there are documents for the Extreme VSP switches available.

Or, is there manual on how to configure the SNMP side of the extreme switches?


Re: Extreme VSP snmp config for path inside.

Hi @Ridejong,

You are correct. The Online Help for Path Insight does not have any information about how to configure SNMP on Extreme Network switches. This is because there are so many network switches available in the market, the Online Help would need to be too extensive.


For the most accurate information on configuring Extreme Network switches' snmp, please see the Extreme Networks Guide specific to the switch model and version currently in the environment.


I did find these pages describing how to configure SNMPv3 on 2 of the Extreme Network switch types:


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin