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replay slider bar missing

05 Base Camper

replay slider bar missing

When doing a replay using the "trouble shooting 5 min" database my user nolonger sees the slider bar display. Made sure that they had privs' for database and display. also tried using the "control bar" tab to display the "slider bar" joy

09 Summiteer

Re: replay slider bar missing

Click the button that start the slider bar.


Then tap the Alt key

Then tap the space bar

Then tap the M key

Then tap the left arrow key.

Then move the mouse.    The mouse should have control of the slider bar.


Note: The alt-space-m key combination is the way to move a dialog window that has moved off the screen.,arrow%20keys%20to%20....

05 Base Camper

Re: replay slider bar missing

The slider bar never shows ups


Re: replay slider bar missing

Hello @smitty3501,


This following is another way to move the Replay Slider when it is NOT visible in any video monitor:

  1. Close the irgui.exe client.
  2. Open File Explorer to the \Prognosis\User Interface directory.
  3. Open file irgui.ini in a text editor.
  4. Find the line starting with SliderPosition and replace it with:
  5. Save the file.
  6. Start the irgui.exe client.
  7. Replay a Database Collection in the irgui.exe client to verify the Slider is present now.


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin


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