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lost web config

While upgrading from 11.3 to 11.4 I ran into some issues that forced an uninstall of 11.3. Once everything was installed and patched to 11.4.8, I lost all my web configs. I have two backups of the entire directory structure prior to the attempted update. Is there a way I can restore our web configurations or do they have to be manually entered again?


I should mention that the WebUI isn't showing all of my servers at this point either...just the managing node.

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Re: lost web config

Hi Joshua

Did the server upgrade or was it eventually a fresh installation of 11.4? 

If it is a fresh installation then you would need to add back in the dashboard files into the dashboards folder:  :\Prognosis\WebUI\IIS\Dashboards from the backup and configure in the managed-nodes via the Network Configuration to get the monitoring nodes back in.


I am unable to comment on why the 11.3 - 11.4 upgrade did not work.




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