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how to do an unattended install or upgrade

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how to do an unattended install or upgrade

how to do an unattended install or upgrade

Community Manager

Re: how to do an unattended install or upgrade on a Windows server

Prognosis installer has been quality tested on vanilla Windows installations and may or may not work successfully on various security hardened Windows operating systems. 


Here is where an unattended install or upgrade may help on a more secure hardened Windows platform because:

  1. folders can be manually created,
  2. file system permissions granted on them and
  3. antivirus exclusions can be set on them

 all before running the installer.


Here is a short video on how to run an unattended install or upgrade. In this video the example is of an existing Prognosis 11.1 installation to be upgraded to Prognosis 11.4.

Please note that there are more details in the Online Help that are not covered here and should still be considered to increase the chance of a successfull intall or upgrade on customised Windows platforms. Here is where to start in online help for more details:

Deployment and Installation > Installation > Server on MS Windows > Server on MS Windows




 Steps in the video:

1. create folders that don't already exist;
2. Assign 'Users' with 'Full Control'
3. Add Exclusions into the antivirus software for those folders;
4. Check the license that it supports the new version;
5. Check which components were installed;
6. Create the command based on which components were installed.
7. Run the command to do the upgrade.



1. create folders that don't exist:


2. Set 'Users' group with 'Full Control' permissions to the folders:


3. In an anti-virus like McAfee, On-Access Scan Properties, Exclusions tab, set exclusions of 'Read/Write' and 'Exclude Subfolders' 'Yes' to these folders:


4. find "LicensedProductVersion" \Prognosis\Server\Configuration\license


5. Determine what components were installed, (not installed):

cd \Prognosis\

find "PROPERTY CHANGE: Deleting FEATURE_" install.log

In this example it found that Management Server and Web Application were not installed so the unattended install should match this and upgrade only the Monitoring Server and Windows Client components;


Finally run the unattended upgrade. Run cmd.exe elevated by using "Run as Administrator" and then:

cd "C:\Installer\Prognosis11.4\Prognosis11.4.0\"

msiexec /passive /i "C:\Installer\Prognosis11.4\Prognosis11.4.0\Prognosis11.4.0.msi" /l*v "install5.log" ACCEPTENDUSERLICENSEAGREEMENT=1 ADDLOCAL="MonitoringServer,WindowsClient" LICENSE="C:\Installer\Prognosis11.4\license" HOMEDIRECTORY="C:\Prognosis"

More in Online Help about unattended Install / upgrade here:
Deployment and Installation > Installation > Server on MS Windows > Unattended Installation


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