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guidance on upgrading NonStop 11.8

05 Base Camper

guidance on upgrading NonStop 11.8

Looking for some guidance ( checklist,doc,etc...) for upgrading to 11.8 on NonStop. have pulled down the files and staged in  separate subvol, but have never done a Prognosis upgade and was trying to find notes on that and how to do the patch




05 Base Camper

Re: guidance on upgrading NonStop 11.8

We have the SMF product, so we create a new Virtaul disk drive i.e. $PRG118, and do a fresh install on the new Drive.

Once we verify the new version is working properly we copy our analyst,threshold,configs and databases over to the new version.   We then shut down the old version and purge everything of the old disk i.e. $PRG115.

This allows us to test the new version without taking an outage to do an upgrade.  It also prevents us from having to keep track of all the patches we installed on the old version, because they are deleted when the old disk is cleaned up.


Re: guidance on upgrading NonStop 11.8

Hi @smitty3501,


You can find important information related to upgrades, an upgrade checklist and upgrade procedures in the product guide here

What you might find interesting is you have the ability to perform an upgrade to a different destination than your existing install. This will allow you to preserve your existing installation which you could then easily revert back to if you encounter any issues. You can also run both installs in parrallel if you need (just need to select a different range of ports for each installation). This may be useful if you need to migrate any additional customisations over to the new version or if you need to perform any testing prior to retiring/removing the old version.

*You will need to have a separate Windows Managing node running 11.8 to enable access to the upgraded instance.

I hope this informaiton helps!



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