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Wvlog error: Unknown Profile

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Wvlog error: Unknown Profile

Description: The wvlog.txt or wvlog record has an error similar to:

2017-03-01 02:00:00 F-05512064 msginp 00387 IRDSPSRV 11.1.0 003396 - Unknown Profile - SAMPLE

Cause: This indicates that a running analyst or threshold has an email dispatch destination configured that does not exist. This is common when you remove the default email destination from DISPATCH MANAGER, or have configured a custom one and not also configured it to your DISPATCH MANAGER Configuration.

Solution: Either add this profile to the Profiles or groups tab in your DISPATCH MANAGER Configuration In Prognosis, or correct the threshold to use an available configuration. See the section Home > System Functions > Dispatch Manager for more details.
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Re: Wvlog error: Unknown Profile

Tip: The WindowsAnalyst has been seen to be the one that is most overlooked and the cause of these errors.
Because it is an Analyst, it is harder to detect.

To Correct this one:
1. Stop the WIndowsAnalyst
2. Edit the C:\Prognosis\Server\Configuration\WIndowsAnalyst and do a find and replace on the word SAMPLE
- Replacing it with your valid profile name
3. Start the WindowsAnalyst (Location in GUI is "Knowledge | Windows | Analysis and Automation" )

If you have other analysts that are running, follow the same pattern above to check/correct those as well.
See screenshot below showing this WindowsAnalyst being edited in Notepad++ and the lines that need changing.



Re: Wvlog error: Unknown Profile

IR official article 00003364

Re: Wvlog error: Unknown Profile for Windows Analyst

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