WebUI login Error

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WebUI login Error

after we put in the user id & password we got the following error message. We were using it and all in a sudden, a user reported problem in logon to the WebUI. We did try recycling Prognosis & IIS but still not sucess.

Any thoughts what goes wrong?


This is Prognosis version: 11.5.0

The page you came from was: https://se141953/Prognosis/Login?returnUrl=%2Fprognosis

The URL for this page is: https://se141953/prognosis

The error from the server: The view 'Index' or its master was not found or no view engine supports the searched locations. The following locations were searched: ~/Views/Dashboard/Index.aspx ~/Views/Dashboard/Index.ascx ~/Views/Shared/Index.aspx ~/Views/Shared/Index.ascx ~/Views/Dashboard/Index.cshtml ~/Views/Dashboard/Index.vbhtml ~/Views/Shared/Index.cshtml ~/Views/Shared/Index.vbhtml

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Re: WebUI login Error

Hello Walter, 


My first suggestion would be to restart WWW services and try accessing again. If that does not work, I would contact support to take a closer look at your WEBUI directory. 


Similar cases in the past were able to get this issue resolved by replacing the WEBUI directory with a GA Copy. 


Note: All custom display must be sent to the web again. 

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