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WebUI Replay Slider not visible

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WebUI Replay Slider not visible



we are currently trying to setup a new display (hope that's the correct term, I'm quite new to this) in prognosis, which is working fine on the windows client. So we send it to the web. And added it as a Key Display so we can easily access it.


On the windows client we have a replay slider in order to change the timespan which is applied to the display.

On the webgui it's no displayed though. We already had a different display, which is also added as a Key Display, but this one does display the slider on the webgui. So I tried to compare all settings of both displays on the windows client, but I can't seem to find a difference.


Is there maybe a setting on the webgui which I can't find? 



Verion 12.1.0




Re: WebUI Replay Slider not visible

Hi @Torben-Lennartz,


When you create a replay document in the GUI, it'll indicate this in the "Run Mode' window of the display properties:



This should also reflect in the .dashboard file when you've published it to the web:




If this looks correct, the only other thing I can think of is perhaps something couldn't be translated over automatically when publishing the display document. There are limitations with some of the functionality available in the GUI that won't translate over to the WebUI when publishing, but you'll normally get an error or warning to let you if the translator ran into any problems. It should also point you to a log file containing some additional details that might help identify what the problem was - You'll find the log files under '<drive>\Prognosis\User Interface\Log'.


If you're still unable to identify what the problem is, it might be easier to submit a support case at this point so we can take a closer look at the issue with you. If you can include an irfax from the server you're publishing the display on (you can generate this by running irfax.bat under '<drive>:\Prognosis\server\configuration'. Look for the latest 'irfax-<hostname>-<date/timestamp>.zip' file once complete) along with a copy of the .dpy document you're publishing, that should be enough for a support engineer to do some initial investigation and hopefully identify what might be going wrong.



Scott Clement

IR Support

05 Base Camper

Re: WebUI Replay Slider not visible

Thanks @Scott_Clement ,

we already had the display Run Mode on Replay. But I found another setting in the .dashboard file which was differen and solved it. In the properties database tab, the period was set to today instead of data.  



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