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Web access issue after upgrading from 11.5 to 11.6

05 Base Camper

Web access issue after upgrading from 11.5 to 11.6

Getting the following when trying to bring up the web page:

  • You do not have permission to log in. There is a problem connecting to the Prognosis Server. Your Prognosis Administrator should check that the managing node is up and running correctly. Error 10061

I can access the thick client w/o issue.  Did the following w/o success:

Net stop Prognosis
Cd \Prognosis\Server\Configuration\schema
Net start Prognosis


Other servers that have been upgraded do not have an issue.  I tried to login to the admin page and get this:

We're sorry you ended up here, but hopefully we can help you find what you're looking for.

This often means there is an error inside Prognosis that we would like to know about and address.

First, is it possible that the URL was generated manually, typed in or held in a bookmark from a previous version? Sometimes fixing the URL will quickly take you to the right page.

If not, we would really appreciate you letting us know about the page you were trying to find, and where you came from that landed here.

Here are some links that will get you on the right track

Prognosis Home Page:

Prognosis Community Forum:

Online Help: Click here

IR Support Portal: Click Here


This is Prognosis version: 1.0.0

The page you came from was: https://dcwipvmprg020

The URL for this page is: https://dcwipvmprg020/Prognosis/Login?returnUrl=%2FPrognosis%2FAdmin

The error from the server: The required anti-forgery cookie "__RequestVerificationToken_L1Byb2dub3Npcw2" is not present


Any suggestions? 



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Re: Web access issue after upgrading from 11.5 to 11.6

Hello MattAnderson,


Thanks for reaching out. It seems the anti forgery cookie either isn't present or isn't what's expected. Please try the following to see if it helps:


1. Try clearing the browser's temporary files using ctrl-shift-del

2. Try another browser (ie, chrome, firefox).

3. Try restarting the Prognosis web site on the system, by stopping and starting the "IrPrognosisSite" site within IIS Manager, by expanding the system name and the "Sites" listing underneath in the "Connections" section of IIS Manager.


Here's an image to assist you:







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