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Web Administration Remote Credentials

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Web Administration Remote Credentials

Hi all,


I have the following Prognosis (11.5 Patch 1) System:

Central Management Nodes, this Servers are connected to distributed Monitoring Server.

The Management Servers are the only Servers that have installed the Features Web Server and GUI

The Management Server and Monitoring Server are in different networks and domains.

To configure now the Monitoring Servers, I connect to the Management Server WebUI.

Prognosis Administration - Home\<Nodename> -- >  +

Here I got the info:


“ Failed to import configurations \<Nodename>

Failed to load configurations on node <Nodename>

Error listing Cisco clusters.

Access denied.”


I know that I must add now the Remote Credentials for this Server.


“Configure Remote Credentials for <Nodename>

If you are unable to add or edit systems on this server then you may need to provide credentials. This is required if this server is in a different Active Directory domain or Workgroup to the Prognosis managing node.”


I tried this with correct credentials, but this didn´t work:

“Invalid username and/or password or the user does not have sufficient access rights.”


Login with GUI works without problems (GUI on Management Node direct connection to Monitoring Node)

My question is now how the remote connection works?


  • Who tries to connect to the Management Node, Brower, WebUI (IIS), Prognosis installation on Management Node?
  • Which Port is used for the connection?
  • Do I have to change the rights on Monitoring Node (I have tested it with local Administrator)?
  • Is there a description of the connection?

Thank you




Re: Web Administration Remote Credentials

Hello Carsten,


If you look in the \Prognosis\WebUI\IIS\Logs\Failed to load configurations on node, there may be some additional information being logged.  Sounds like it could be related to the Security configuration being changed from the default, out of th ebox settings.   Have you implemented any custom security settings.  In the GUI you can check the Security configuration.  Maybe you can show the configuration in here if possible.



Re: Web Administration Remote Credentials

Hello CarstenHegemann and Scot,


Adding to Scot's comment, there are a couple of things that could help us narrow down this issue:

1. Was the Central Management Nodes upgraded from an older version of Prognosis or installed directly?

    1a. If Prognosis was upgraded, was this issue ever seen before the upgrade?

2. Are all the Central Management Nodes showing this symptom?


Please attach all the log files under the '[Prognosis_Home]\WebUI\IIS\Logs\' directory here if possible too help diagnose this issue futher


Kind Regards,

Harrison Cook

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